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Fine Art: Henry Asencio Fine Art: Henry Asencio - In Person May 9th & 10th!

Henry Asencio in Person May 9th & 10th! For more information: Please Click Here Contemporary Painter Henry Asencio is a master of painting the female form. Henry Asencio is naturally drawn to paint the human figure for its timeless sensitivity. Henry Asencio ... (more)

Fine Art: Fabio Napoleoni Fine Art: Fabio Napoleoni - In Person July 4th & 5th!

Fabio Napoleoni in Person July 4th & 5th! For more information: Please Click Here What the Heart wants and the Heart needs can be found in a Fabio Napoleoni painting. Nostalgia, sorrow and moments that lift the soul are all there for the world to see and e ... (more)

Fine Art: Matt Rinard Fine Art: Matt Rinard - In Person July 4th-6th!

Matt Rinard in Person July 4th - 6th! For more information: Please Click Here Matt Rinard's work is famous for ironic, surprising and just a little off-kilter humor. Rinard's paintings and prints are also prized for their bold composition and vibrant colors, ... (more)

Fine Art: Charles Fazzino 3D Art Fine Art: Charles Fazzino 3D Art

As the creator of limited edition fine art silkscreen serigraphs, Charles Fazzino is best known for his obsession for bright colors and wonderful detail, the frenetic energy that infuses his work, and a unique hand assembled 3-D layering technique that brings his images to life. Charles Fazzino, graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York C ... (more)

Fine Art: Michael Godard Limited Edition Fine Art Fine Art: Michael Godard Limited Edition Fine Art - In Person July 19th!

Michael Godard in Person July 19th! For more information: Please Click Here Michael Godard is widely recognized as one of the most versatile artist of our time. Godard has appeared on ABC, NBC, Chris Angel, Inked and the Christopher Lowell Show on the disco ... (more)

Fine Art: Todd White Fine Art: Todd White - The 2014 New Releases Have Been Unveiled!

Born in 1969 in Texas, Todd White came from humble roots. During his twenties he relocated to the west coast and worked in the animation field, developing characters at some of the most renowned production studios in the country. As an artist, over time, Todd White has gained fame in the UK and the rest of the world, best known for his paintings of ... (more)

Fine Art: Tom Everhart Fine Art: Tom Everhart - Great Originals in Stock!

The larger-than-life paintings of Tom Everhart straddle the line between the comfortably familiar and a new way of seeing. As the only artist licensed to use the Peanuts characters in his art, Everhart utilizes the instantly recognizable image of Snoopy to communicate a new sensibility - one that is at once accessible and exotic. The element tha ... (more)

Fine Art: Michael Flohr Art Fine Art: Michael Flohr Art - In Person September 12th & 13th

Michael Flohr In Person September 12th & 13th! For more information please call 866-192-1566 or email Michael Flohr's work is a visual adventure. It is a rare and celebrated occasion when an artist is discovered that has a unique talent, fresh vision and exceptional ability to transcend artistic predisposition. Painter M ... (more)

Fine Art: Thomas Arvid Fine Art: Thomas Arvid

Through Thomas Arvid's strikingly realistic compositions of wine, Thomas Arvid has redefined the modern still life, setting an unmatched precedent in the art world. Thomas Arvid has achieved incredible success and national acclaim with his still life compositions of wine and the rituals that surround it. Thomas Arvid unites the aesthetics of art an ... (more)

Fine Art: Kruger Fine Art Fine Art: Kruger Fine Art - In Person November 14th & 15th!

Sebastian Kruger in Person November 14th & 15th! For more information please call 866-192-1566 or email Sebastian Kruger was born in Hamlin, Germany in 1963. He studied painting and graphic arts and quickly moved on to make his living as a caricaturist, illustrator, and painter. Sebastian Kruger fanatically buries himself ... (more)

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