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Allywood Creations : Alex's Story: "I made my first wood project at age six, started woodshop in 7th grade, and continued classes in high school with hopes for a date to Prom, being the only girl! I was born with a rare, life-threatening disease called Fanconi Anemia (FA) and have survived a difficult bone marrow transplant. I have also endured multiple hand surgeries being born without a functioning thumb and limited hand muscles. Doctors said I would probably not be able to tie my own shoes. The life expectancy for FA is 33, so I am honored to share a part of my life through this unique creation. Now at age 23, I have a lot of work to do. Each pen is made with determination for life, love of the art, and hope for all who face adversity." - Alex Pearl ... (more)
Michael Flohr Art : It is a rare and celebrated occasion when an artist is discovered that has a unique talent, fresh vision, and exceptional ability to transcend artistic predisposition. Painter Michael Flohr is just such an artist. His work is a visual adventure. Not only in its exquisite beauty, obvious artistic integrity, and the emotion elicited in every work of art--but in the artist's ability to effect the invention of a genre unique and true, in and of itself, in today's contemporary art world. Depicting ordinary moments in extraordinary ways, Michael Flohr's work is an intellectually artistic mastery of color, perspective, technique, and vision. Michael Flohr is a young San Diego artist whose modern impressionistic paintings of bar scenes, cafe scenes, and busy city streetscapes offer a colorful social commentary on our times. Remember, there is NO SALES TAX when ... (more)
Thomas Arvid art : * Through December 31, 2019: Free Paper Mini Print with any Arvid Metal or Canvas purchase!*
Sale valid through December 31st, 2019. One free gift per purchase. Sale does not apply to past purchases, discounted items, or current layaways.
Through Thomas Arvid's strikingly realistic compositions of wine, he has redefined the modern still life, setting an unmatched precedent in the art world. He unites the aesthetics of art and the sensual complexity of fine wine in his large-scale paintings. He has a talent for portraying light and color. Uniting an eye for photo-realism with a genuine talent for abstract composition, Thomas Arvid offers an innovative commentary about a familiar subject. He has achieved incredible success and national acclaim with his still life compositions of wine and the rituals that surround it. Thomas Arvid is a Detroit native with no formal art training. H ... (more)
Nano Lopez Sculpture : * Through December 31, 2019: Free History Page or Bronze & Beautiful Art Book with Purchase!*
Sale valid through December 31st, 2019. One free gift per purchase. Sale does not apply to past purchases, discounted items, or current layaways.
Nano Lopez is an artist gifted with the rare ability to see the world as a child sees it, with exploration, wonder, and creativity. He is deeply fascinated by the sometimes troubling mysteries of life and its inherent struggles. Nano Lopez was born in 1955 in Bogota Colombia. At 23 Nano Lopez began working as an apprentice in a monumental scale carving marble and granite and fabricating steel. In 1983 Nano Lopez moved to the Pacific Northwest of the United States. During the following four years, he was employed by various bronze foundries in the Northwest, and further developed his abilities in welding, tooling, and patinas evolving i ... (more)
Tom Everhart prints : * Through December 31, 2019: Two Free Show Posters with any Everhart Purchase (posters excluded)!*
Two free posters per purchase. Sale does not apply to past purchases, discounted items, or current layaways.
The larger-than-life paintings of Tom Everhart straddle the line between the comfortably familiar and a new way of seeing. He is the only fine artist educated by Charles Schulz, and granted lifelong permission by the Peanuts creator to use his characters to make extraordinary fine art. Everhart utilizes the instantly recognizable image of Snoopy to communicate a new sensibility--one that is at once accessible and exotic. The element that originally drew Tom Everhart to Schulz was a fascination with the "brilliant architecture of Schulz's black ink line," and its potential for monumental shifts in tone and scale. Tom Everhart's love of Schulz's line--and his remarka ... (more)
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