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Ira Reines Sculpture Sculpture: Philosophy, cosmology and the sublime beauty of the works of Michelangelo, Rodin and Bernini are the inspiration from which Ira Reines draws to create his profound sculptural thesis on the relationships of order and chaos to man and divinity. Ira Reines was born in New York City on December 3, 1957. At nineteen, one of Reines' sculptures caught the eye of the director of the Medallic Art Company of Danbury, Connecticut who offered him employment sculpting medallions. In 1980, Ira Reines was hired to work with Art Deco Master Erté, considered by many as the father of Art Deco. Ira worked closely with Erté, translating the master's two-dimensional designs into seventy bronze sculptures that were sold world-wide. Upon Erté's passing in 1990, Reines returned to his own sculptural vision exploring the relationship between man and the cosmos, order and chaos and the sublime divine beau ... (more)
Michael Wilkinson Sculpture: Born in California and trained as an architect, Michael Wilkinson started his artistic career in New York in 1979. In 1985, Wilkinson transitioned from working uniquely in bronze to working in the young medium of cast acrylic. A forerunner in the medium, Michael Wilkinson uses acrylic to create dreamlike worlds, communicating complex themes while still incorporating realism in his art. Unlike the traditional, these acrylic sculptures have no beginning and no end; no back and no front. They are viewed in a new way; studied and observed in their entirety from the inside and the outside. Working for nearly a decade in acrylic, Michael Wilkinson constantly expands his talents to sculpt "light" in original ways. "My acrylic sculptures are a blend of figurative and abstract forms, a fusion that I enjoy creating and to which acrylic is beautifully suited. I start out with clay, a lump of ... (more)
M.L. Snowden Sculpture: For the young Snowden living in New York City, part of the positive potential of sculpture was nurtured through family friends Salvador Dali, Paul Manship, and Isamu Noguchi; all of whom encouraged M.L. Snowden at an early age to pursue her love of art. As Snowden recalls, "Actually I felt Dali liked children. When he was showing my mother creative furniture he'd designed, he made me take my chewing gum out of my mouth. He told me to take my wet gum in my fingers and had me roll a little worm which was a snake and a ball which was an apple. He said all natural forms are based on these two little shapes, whether they're stretched, melted into other things, or are left alone. He told me my arm was a snake and my head was an apple. I had received an art lesson and I was delighted!" Such family associations sprung from the time when George Snowden joined Dali, Manship, and Noguchi in creatin ... (more)
Mark Hopkins Scupture Sculpture: Mark Hopkins bronze sculptures are in every way a reflection of their creator. Mark Hopkins subjects are as numerous and varied as his interests, wildlife, history, children, fantasy, sports, music, etc. With a style so flowing and alive it has been called "bronze in motion," Mark Hopkins work is as passionate and expressive as the man himself. Mark Hopkins is one of the premier bronze sculptors in the U.S. today, Mark Hopkins himself a technical expert in the technique "Lost wax" bronze casting. In 1988, he established Mark Hopkins Sculpture, Inc., a bronze foundry nestled in the foothills of the northwest Georgia Mountains, the work created there displayed in homes and public settings around the world. Remember there is NO SALES TAX when you purchase outside of Colorado. We also offer deals on domestic and international shipping through UPS/FedEx. Don't for ... (more)
Thad Markham Sculpture: Artist Thad Markham is a California native, born and raised in the mountains of Southern California. His youth was spent skiing competitively every winter and racing around Big Bear Lake on jet skis and water skis all summer. Santa Barbara was the next stop, as Thad pursued an engineering degree at UCSB. He worked in his field for a mercifully brief time before striking out for more exciting pastures as an entrepreneur. Thad moved to Cambria, California in 1992. Years of hard work and long hours later, his business a roaring success, Thad's ever-active mind sought new challenges. It all started with the bananas. One bright sunny morning he was sitting at breakfast and his glance fell on a bunch of bananas on the table. "That's funny," he said to himself, "it almost looks like they're dancing." Thus began his preoccupation with the secret lives of fruits and vegetables...he began haunt ... (more)
Joseph Quillan Sculpture: Joe Quillan was only 25 years old when asked to exhibit his sculptures at the Vorpal gallery in San Francisco in 1982. He became the youngest artist to exhibit sculptures of marine life at an internationally recognized gallery. At 26, he won the prestigious Mystic International Award of Excellence from the Mystic Gallery in Connecticut, and shortly thereafter, he exhibited in Maui, Hawaii. At 27, he sculpted the symbol of the Pacific Peace Awards for Sydney, Australia - a dolphin swimming with an olive branch that circled the earth. He has since had commissions from many ocean and environmental groups raising awareness of the marine environment's fragile balance. He has been involved in numerous fund-raising benefits for local and national education groups including the American Cetacean Society, Actors and Others for Animals, and several Montessori schools. He has also studied a ... (more)
Todd Warner Sculpture: With warmth, humor, and sensitivity, sculptor Todd Warner has been creating his imaginary world of sophisticated whimsy for over 35 years. "There's an innate sense of humor in my work, but I'm not going for the belly laugh. I love to make people smile. I can't fight being humorous. My(Todd Warner) sculptures are whimsical and sensitive; they have their own spirit." Internationally known for his sculptures, Todd Warner captures with vision and insight the essence of animals, preserving not only the animals of nature, but also the nature of animals. Todd Warner seems to connect directly with the souls of animals, enabling him to recreate the llama who seems to beg for warm milk and the cow with loving eyes of a mother. Todd Warner sculpture will add to any art collection. Remember there is NO SALES TAX when you purchase outside of Colorado. We also offer deals ... (more)
Tuan Nguyen Sculpture: Existential Balance is the term, coined by Tuan, to bring emphasis to the importance of balance to human existence. Each of Tuan's sculptures is, therefore, a visual and tactile essay on "Existential Balance", featuring the counterpoint and interaction of elements that highlight the balance between darkness and light, masculine and feminine, rough and smooth, and often heaven and earth. Another unique feature of the sculptures of Tuan is the way that he has masterfully engineered them to seem almost weightless, belying the fact that they are cast in bronze. The perceived weightiness of the dense bronze is mediated by way of Tuan's architectural, mathematical, and engineering skills, creating elements that seem weightless; poetic and philosophical expressions of Tuan's understanding of "Existential Balance." Born in Vietnam in 1963 to a family of wealth and privilege, Tuan learned volu ... (more)
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