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Phillip Anthony Landscape Art: Born in Glendale, California, Phillip Anthony moved with his family to Idaho Falls, Idaho at an early age. His development was subtle, starting with drawing and sketching as a he grew up. He was drawn to traditional black and white photography and the process of working in a dark room. After moving to Florida to be a film director, he was pulled towards cinematography, focusing on composition and lighting. Influenced by his past love for sketching and black and white photography, Phillip Anthony wanted that classical traditional look for one of his seascapes. Frustrated with the slow speed of a tiny pencil, he decided to use brushes with black and white paint. He loved the results and never expected the response to his work. Black and white oil paintings were different. Phillip Anthony was achieving a new level of detail and value, but the concept of Monochromatic Reflectionism was ju ... (more)
Alexei Butirskiy Landscape Art: Born in Moscow in 1974, Alexei Butirskiy visited an exhibition in Pushkin museum at the age of 5; it was then that he decided to become an artist. Alexei Butirskiy entered Moscow Art College, graduating in 1996 with an Excellence Diploma. In 1998, he attended the Russian Academy of the Arts, where he studied under respected professor L. S. Hasyanova. Since 1996, Alexei Butirskiy has participated in exhibitions, one-man shows, and auctions both in Russia and in England, and more than 25 shows in the United States. His favorite styles are realism and impressionism, conveyed through his preferred artistic medium of oil and canvas. Vermeer, Rembrant, Jourj Latur, Andru Waite, Serov (XIX), and Levitan (XIX) have all influenced and helped shaped Alexei Butirskiy's art. Most recently, Alexei Butirskiy has concentrated his efforts on representing urban life around him in truthful and unglo ... (more)
Larry Dyke Landscape Art: A master of the landscape, Larry Dyke has devoted his life's work to interpreting the beauty he beholds in nature. He captures not only the great outdoors, but the spiritual sense of perfection he views as God's handiwork. Each painting Larry Dyke creates carries a related Bible verse below his signature. Larry Dyke states, "When I became a full-time artist, I was impressed to put a scriptural notation on each of my paintings. It's an expression of what I think the true answer to life is." Moreover, as a native Texan, Larry Dyke is the consummate painter of what makes the Lone Star State so unique. In addition to his beloved home state, Larry Dyke also paints scenes from his many travels, and his works have featured the countryside of the northeast to the hills of Tennessee to the rugged landscape of California. Remember, there is NO SALES TAX when you pur ... (more)
Inam Landscape Art: Critics have dubbed this up-and-coming young artist's style "Magical Expressionism". Born and brought up in Karachi, Pakistan, educated in London and Atlanta, Inam has perfected a palette knife technique that adds a 3-D element to his work, which is avidly sought-after by collectors around the globe. Remember there is NO SALES TAX when you purchase outside of Colorado. We also offer deals on domestic and international shipping through UPS/FedEx. Don't forget to ask about our Collector's Financing Program through Wells Fargo to make payments stress free. ... (more)
Joanny Landscape Art: Joanny executed his first paintings in the 1950"s, distinguishing himself through numerous gallery exhibits and expositions in Paris. In 1966, Joanny moved to Provence; but it was not until 1987, while residing in La Seyne Sur Mer, that Joanny decided to dedicate himself fully to painting. Joanny's colorful style characterizes itself through an abundance of light, harsh construction, and the search for perspective. Remember there is NO SALES TAX when you purchase outside of Colorado. We also offer deals on domestic and international shipping through UPS/FedEx. Don't forget to ask about our Collector's Financing Program through Wells Fargo to make payments stress free. ... (more)
William Kelley Landscape Art: William Kelley's work has been recognized, admired and collected on an international scale. The noted art historian, Sister Wendy Beckett, has said, "Kelley is spiritual son to Cezanne with as profound a vision as one could want. His work is beautiful, extraordinary and magnificent." For the past several years, William Kelley has been painting the dazzling Mediterranean light and hypnotic colors of Tuscany. William Kelley's method is to go out into the countryside and work up small canvases on sight, then return to the studio for further refinement. The large canvases challenge and inspire because of the conceptual risks William Kelley sets himself. The complex, mesmerizing patterning and infinitude of subtle and transcendent color which characterize William Kelley's finest paintings that shout for pure joy are the result of hard, concentrated work. Reme ... (more)
Gloria Lee Landscape Art: "Our response to color is intensely emotional, and flowers can be a catalyst for feelings that stimulate more than just our sense of sight and smell." - Leatrice Eiseman, International Color Expert Flowers have a history that dates back to the very beginning of our existence. They play a vital role in nature and in our lives. All forms of art have been influenced by flowers, including painting, sculpture, poetry, books, music, ceramics, and many other artistic mediums. Modern research reveals that looking at paintings of flowers stimulates the nervous system, promoting an enhanced feeling of well-being. Artist Gloria Lee's new painting series, Floral Splendor, celebrates the giving life force of the flower. Loose brush strokes, simple forms, and vibrant, contrasting colors characterize her art. Rejecting the careful shading and color transitions of botanical illustrations in favor ... (more)
Jung,Mario Landscape Art: Myung "Mario" Jung was born September 14, 1949 in Seoul, Korea. Mario has an outstanding national and international reputation as an artist. Mario has a dramatic brush stroke that is unparalleled. His style and coloration are unique and distinguish his paintings from all others. The rhythmic formation of Mario's paintings show high artistic talent and separates him from other talented artists.
Graduating from the Seoul Industrial Junior College in 1971, Mario longed for his artistic talents to take flight and in 1986 he entered the Exhibition of Fine Art of the Seoul Artists Association, where he was awarded the Grand Prize of Western style painting. Due to this immediate success, Mario was invited to become a member of the Seoul Artists Association, of which he has now been a member for over 30 years.
His life changed dramatically when he was paralyzed, blinded, and deafened ... (more)
Oliviya Landscape Art: "Oliviya" Olga Golan was born in 1975 in Sochi, Russia. She lives in Israel. The start of her art career began in college where she majored in art. From 1991 to 1993, she learned in an art school. Golan then learned in the academy of arts, V.I. Surikov, in Saint Petersburg. After completing her studies, she continued her education in multiple art forms such as abstract, modern sculptures and urban sculptures. She learned privately under G. Edward, S. Vladimir and M. Segal as well as took private lessons with Slava Timchenko.

"Art is my life and I paint every single day. I enjoy creating inspired and beautiful paintings that reflect my feelings, sensitivity, and passion. I have tried different techniques throughout my career, but I especially love painting with oil and a palette knife. Every piece of artwork is the result of a long, inspired painting process, and I enjoy seein ... (more)
Robert Peters Landscape Art: Robert Peters has spent his life living in and absorbing all that the West and its magnificent landscapes offer. Robert Peters states, "My work is grounded in my earliest personal impressions." As a child, Peters grew up in Arizona, and he remembers fondly family trips that allowed him to hike, fish, and hunt in the wild and wondrous landscapes of southwestern Colorado. In these early years, Robert Peters was just happy to enjoy the experience of being outdoors and eager to take in all that nature offers. Remember there is NO SALES TAX when you purchase outside of Colorado. We also offer deals on domestic and international shipping through UPS/FedEx. Don't forget to ask about our Collector's Financing Program through Wells Fargo to make payments stress free. ... (more)
Phillip Philbeck Landscape Art: Phillip Philbeck began doing limited-edition prints at the age of 24 with the 1992 release of "Winter's Lace" and is clearly among the most gifted and respected artists in North Carolina and the region. Of the 44 limited-edition prints he's released over his career, 23 have sold out. There hasn't been a time in his 37 years when Phillip Philbeck didn't paint. The surroundings in which he grew up are frequent subjects for his paintings. Among his favorites are landscapes with farms, streams, ponds, coastal scenes or anything with which he feels an emotional attachment. Sometimes Phillip Philbeck will indulge himself with a still-life. Though he's known for the skill with which he carries out all aspects of his work, Phillip Philbeck is particularly noted for the profusion of details throughout his skies. "The sky sets the basic tone for my landscapes", he adds. A skill which separa ... (more)

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