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Larry Fanning Western Art: A self taught artist from Kansas, Larry Fanning is most recognized for his captivating paintings of the wild west and featuring wildlife in their most splendor. His images capture life on the American Frontier, celebrates Native American traditions and presents a variety of wildlife in their true environments. Larry's attention to detail with his subjects and settings, truly bring his artworks to life as if you were standing next to these great icons!
As Larry discusses his inspiration, he says "the iconic part of western art is very much at the heart of being an American, even though America is resented in many parts of the world. I find the philosophical essence of the old West is very much alive today, in this modern world, and I encounter wisdom and inspiration in being around everyday western people. I learn from this, and hopefully, it shows in my paintings." ... (more)
Norm Clasen Western Art: Norm Clasen is a photographer-artist whose career spans four decades of breathtaking work. Clasen was one of the photographers for the world-famous "Marlboro Man" advertising campaign, considered to be one of the most recognizable images of all time. Norm Clasen has continued his love affair with the iconic West and now focuses on the magnificent horses that roam the landscape. Norm Clasen captures the magic of the animals in his memorable and dramatic images that make the viewer marvel at their sheer power, grace, and beauty. Remember there is NO SALES TAX when you purchase outside of Colorado. We also offer deals on domestic and international shipping through UPS/FedEx. Don't forget to ask about our Collector's Financing Program through Wells Fargo to make payments stress free. ... (more)
Tim Cox Western Art: Tim Cox always knew he was going to be a cowboy artist. Growing up in a small farming and ranching community surrounded by cattle and horses and the wide open spaces was a natural influence that is reflected in his outstanding works. Tim Cox's everyday experiences with cowboy life give him an intimate knowledge as he rides and works on various ranches throughout the West. Viewers are brought up-close and personal with the animals and people who inhabit Tim Cox's world on the open range. Cox's everyday experience with the cowboy life is reflected in the outstanding works that he creates. Tim Cox combines color, value, perspective, accuracy, and design in his scenes of the daily life of the cowboy. As a perfectionist, his attention to detail and hands-on knowledge of the cattle and horses he so loves to paint have earned the artist legends of admirers and collectors who appreciate his a ... (more)
Ragan Gennusa Western Art: Ragan Gennusa grew up in East Texas enjoying the outdoors and sports, but Gennusa was drawn to art and could always be found using his pencils and brushes when he had an opportunity. "Art was just something I always enjoyed," Gennusa recalls. Ragan Gennusa took art classes in high school, along with being an All-State quarterback, and accepted a football scholarship to the University of Texas where Gennusa played wide receiver and majored in art. Ragan Gennusa credits his training as an athlete for teaching him to value courage, tenacity, and the importance of character in pursuit of life as well as an artistic career. Remember there is NO SALES TAX when you purchase outside of Colorado. We also offer deals on domestic and international shipping through UPS/FedEx. Don't forget to ask about our Collector's Financing Program through Wells Fargo to make payme ... (more)
Nancy Glazier Western Art: Nancy Glazier is passionate about her art and the subject of her art. This passion is evident in the way Glazier paints and the way Glazier lives - they are inseparable. Surrounded by mountain beauty and the animals Nancy Glazier loves to paint, Glazier says, "I feel a kinship with the animal that grows as the painting progresses. There is a powerful chemistry at work. People always ask me what my favorite animal is to paint. I tell them it is always the very animal I am painting at the time." For Glazier, it is "...a warm, living, breathing process that brings me back again and again to the easel. It is my ultimate reward." Many of the Glazier's admirers and collectors consider Glazier to be an extraordinary artist whose paintings seem "alive." For her, this is warm praise, because Glazier desires to share what she experiences through her paintings. Nancy Glazier hopes the viewer, t ... (more)
Bruce Greene Western Art: Bruce Greene is a Western painter who has ridden trails and experienced the cowboy life Greene portrays in the very narrative images he creates. Greene is a native Texan who has reached the pinnacle of his profession through hard work and an extraordinary talent for painting the story of one of our country's most revered icons, the American cowboy. Bruce Greene's scenes of contemporary cowboys going about their daily work are admired and collected across America. Bruce Greene's works are represented by several well known galleries in the Southwest. Bruce Greene has presented his art in annual shows and exhibition such as the Cowboy Artists of America Exhibition, the Prix de West Show at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, and the Autry Museum of Western Heritage Sale, and several other prestigious venues. Remember there is NO SALES TAX when you p ... (more)
Martin Grelle Western Art: Martin Grelle lives with his wife, Terri, and their children near the small, Central Texas town of Clifton, just a few miles from where he was born. Rich in beauty and history, the area has become a Mecca for artists, which is one reason why Martin Grelle has spent his whole life there. Many of his closest friends are artists. They gather to see each other's work, exchange ideas, and just "shoot the breeze." Grelle treasures the camaraderie among these artist friends and the rare opportunity it affords him. Martin Grelle's work reaches far beyond his Texas home conveying the spirit, drama, beauty and vastness of the American West. Whether painting a Native American in a dramatic setting or a working cowboy on the range, Martin Grelle captures the essence of the West in his historically-accurate, picturesque, peaceful, yet compelling images. Martin Grelle enjoys the Cowboy Artists of ... (more)
David Mann Western Art: David Mann's life focus has been his interest in the Native American culture, horses, and art. As a child, David Mann collected any Remington and Russell prints he found along with books illustrated by Will James, Paul Brown, and Wesly Dennis. David Mann knows his subjects well from studying the history and culture of the Western Indian tribes. Born in Utah, David Mann lived among the Southwestern tribes during a two-year mission in New Mexico and Arizona. During Mann's time with the San Carlos Apache, Navajo, and Pueblo tribes, Mann absorbed layers of meaning that give depth to the human stories he tells. This unforgettable and invaluable time spent with the Indians allowed David Mann to experience first-hand the stories, dignity, and culture magic of their lives. David Mann's paintings are alive in rich colors, remarkable illusion of day and moonlight, and energetic or quiet compos ... (more)
Robert Peters Western Art: Robert Peters has spent his life living in and absorbing all that the West and its magnificent landscapes offer. Robert Peters states, "My work is grounded in my earliest personal impressions." As a child, Peters grew up in Arizona, and he remembers fondly family trips that allowed him to hike, fish, and hunt in the wild and wondrous landscapes of southwestern Colorado. In these early years, Robert Peters was just happy to enjoy the experience of being outdoors and eager to take in all that nature offers. Remember there is NO SALES TAX when you purchase outside of Colorado. We also offer deals on domestic and international shipping through UPS/FedEx. Don't forget to ask about our Collector's Financing Program through Wells Fargo to make payments stress free. ... (more)
Kyle Sims Western Art: As a native of the West, Kyle Sims' love of the vast landscapes and the array of animals inhabiting them came naturally. Early exposure to wildlife has made Sims feel at home in the wild among the many creatures such as elk, bison, deer, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, and moose. Kyle Sims captures the essence of all that nature offers to him to tell a story through his canvases. Kyle Sims paints to visually relive the experiences he has had in the wild. Kyle Sims says, "...being in close contact with creatures other than human is very exciting and emotionally stimulating. I have to relay that onto canvas so as to share it with others. Some of the animals can be very aggressive and unpredictable. Other animals can be extremely social, much like humans, causing my curiosity to grow. That is why I paint what I paint." Remember there is NO SALES TAX when you purchas ... (more)
Andy Thomas Western Art: Andy Thomas is not only an immensely talented painter, but also a storyteller with the images he creates. Andy Thomas's subject matter consists of a variety of images from historical events to intimate moments of everyday life. Thomas's desire to create is funneled into the area of painting realism that ranges from very loose to very tight. Andy Thomas's medium is primarily oil, but he also works in watercolor, pen and ink, charcoal, pencil, and ink wash. Thomas is also a very accomplished sculptor. Primarily self-taught, Andy Thomas began his professional art career in 1991 after sixteen years with a major advertising agency. In his studio, the artist creates his unique paintings that tell their "stories." Andy Thomas says, "I never consciously ponder elements of design or principals of design...I rely on my sketches to refine a value scheme as a starting point." ... (more)
Bob Wygant Western Art: Bob Wygant holds a special place in Texas and the Western heritage he has painted throughout his career. A quiet man of immense talent, Wygant's paintings come from his heart as much as from his brush. Breathtaking in his detailed and realistic approach, Bob Wygant's images make time stand still, creating memories that offer the viewer a glimpse into a rich past that is relived through Wygant's paintings. Bob Wygant has said, "I am interested in establishing a mood in my paintings and not a meaning. It is the viewer who brings the meaning to the work." From the romantic cowboys to the rocky landscape and picturesque rivers to the pleasures of rural life, Bob Wygant's paintings have brought the American West to life to be enjoyed and treasured for generations to come. Remember there is NO SALES TAX when you purchase outside of Colorado. We also offer deals on d ... (more)
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