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(No Tax on All Purchases Outside of Colorado! Ask About Free Shipping & Free Financing.) Imaginary Realist Robert Bissell creates a completely different atmosphere from our daily existence, inviting us to learn more about ourselves. In his paintings, the world of animals is a mirror for human existence, self-definition, and reflection. These are not mere children's tales--quite the contrary. Robert Bissell's work causes us to reflect on the environment, life, death, renewal, and the stages of transition--departing from the safety of family, and making our way in the world. Early tribal cultures believed the natural world to be the bridge connecting earth and spirit. Animals were regarded as powerful spiritual beings that could connect humans to unseen realms, the natural world, and each other. "Bissell's work disarms by narrating vitally grown-up and urgent allegories in the guise of child-like humor," warns William Zimmer, art critic for The New York Times. R ... (more)
() The De Rosa family has been intimately involved with ceramics since 1945, when the founder, Jorge De Rosa, attended the Argentinian National School of Ceramic Design. Although the process has changed somewhat over the years, the elegance and sophistication of De Rosa Collection figurines has been secure. Each and every De Rosa figurine is handcrafted in Montevideo, Uruguay. No two figurines are ever made exactly the same--each is hand-carved and hand-painted, then accented with platinum and 18 karat gold. Remember, there is NO SALES TAX when you purchase outside of Colorado. We also offer deals on domestic and international shipping through UPS/FedEx. Don't forget to ask about our Collector's Financing Program through Wells Fargo to make payments stress free. ... (more)
() ... (more)
(No Tax on All Purchases Outside of Colorado! Ask About Free Shipping & Free Financing.) A self taught artist from Kansas, Larry Fanning is most recognized for his captivating paintings of the west, and wild animals in their natural splendor. His images capture life on the American Frontier, celebrate Native American traditions, and present a variety of wildlife in their true environments. Larry Fanning's attention to detail truly brings his artworks to life--as if you were standing next to these great icons! In discussing his inspiration, Larry Fanning states, "The iconic part of western art is very much at the heart of being an American, even though America is resented in many parts of the world. I find the philosophical essence of the old West is very much alive today, in this modern world, and I encounter wisdom and inspiration in being around everyday western people. I learn from this, and hopefully, it shows in my paintings." Saldly to say Larry past away Dec. 3rd ... (more)
(No Tax on All Purchases Outside of Colorado! Ask About Free Shipping & Free Financing.) Tim Cotterill's bronze frog sculptures capture the whimsical character, the jewel-like quality, and the pure JOY of these beautiful little creatures. "Through the centuries and throughout the world, frogs have symbolized many things--good luck, royalty, fertility, magic potions, energy, charm. In today's fast world, life sometimes becomes complicated and stressful. As you can see, my art is not," states the artist, also known as Frogman. "It's elegant, stylish, whimsical, unique, and pure FUN! As children we were excited to see our first frogs. They made us laugh when they jumped our way! We were curious about the strange way they felt; the odd way they moved and their simple contented look. I used to watch frogs at my pond in England, noting how each one had its own color markings, character and even personality." Tim Cotterill was born in Leicester, England, in 1950. He left sch ... (more)
() Terry Gilecki has always had an ardent interest in the beauty of Koi and the diversity of their color. He has devoted his artistic career to capturing their essence in his paintings. Moreover, Terry Gilecki's attraction to, and study of, Koi brought him to the realization that, through his paintings, he would be able to emulate the simple and rewarding pleasure of actually watching them. Born in 1954 in British Columbia, Terry Gilecki received a diploma in Commercial Art in 1973. He now devotes himself fully to making fine art. His technique involves first applying reactive mediums and modeling material for texture, then painting in acrylic through a combination of airbrush, brush, and scratching back techniques, then finishing with the addition of translucent, opaque, and--occasionally--metal powders for a dimensional quality. ... (more)
() Nancy Glazier knew she wanted to be an artist from early childhood. In her teens, she lived in Wyoming, where she immersed herself in the rugged, western terrain. There, she was mentored and taught by artist Adolph Spohr, who gave her private instruction and taught her how a professional uses paint and brushes, how to observe and self-correct. Surrounded by mountain beauty and the animals she loves to paint, the artist says, "I feel a kinship with the animal that grows as the painting progresses. There is a powerful chemistry at work. People always ask me what my favorite animal is to paint. I tell them it is always the very animal I am painting at the time." For Nancy Glazier, it is "a warm, living, breathing process that brings me back again and again to the easel. It is my ultimate reward." Many of Nancy Glazier's admirers and collectors consider her to be an extraordinary artis ... (more)
() From his birth, Eli Hopkins has been surrounded by art and the creation of it. As a small child, Eli Hopkins watched his father, famous sculptor Mark Hopkins, as he created art and experimented with numerous casting methods. Eli Hopkins tried his own hand at the work, and was pleased to find that he was also blessed with an incredible artist talent. With Eli Hopkins own hard earned knowledge and father's guidance, Hopkins has been able to move forward at a phenomenal rate, and begin to create his own remarkable line of sculpture. Although taught well, Eli Hopkins is developing a style uniquely his own. Like his father, Eli Hopkins has wide ranging interests, which will be reflected in a varied and beautiful new line of sculpture. Remember there is NO SALES TAX when you purchase outside of Colorado. We also offer deals on domestic and international shipping th ... (more)
(Foundry Tour in April 29th, 2022! Free Shipping & No Tax on All Purchases Outside of Colorado! Ask About Free Financing.) Nano Lopez is an artist gifted with the rare ability to see the world as a child sees it, with exploration, wonder, and creativity. He is deeply fascinated by the sometimes troubling mysteries of life and its inherent struggles. Nano Lopez was born in 1955 in Bogota Colombia. At 23 Nano Lopez began working as an apprentice in a monumental scale carving marble and granite and fabricating steel. In 1983 Nano Lopez moved to the Pacific Northwest of the United States. During the following four years, he was employed by various bronze foundries in the Northwest, and further developed his abilities in welding, tooling, and patinas evolving into the artist that we admire today. In Nano Lopez's artistic process, Nano Lopez integrates organic textures and synthetic, and man made objects into his bronzes to create art that reflects the same depth and richness he sees in the world around him. Altho ... (more)
(No Tax on All Purchases Outside of Colorado! Ask About Free Shipping & Free Financing.) Originally born in Brunswick, Maine, Ryan moved with his parents to San Diego, California at a young age. As a child growing up in Southern California, he developed a connection to nature and attentiveness to the diverse creatures all around. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Art from San Diego State University, Daniel Ryan a self proclaimed "nature nerd", has dedicated the past few years of his artistic career to investigating the meaning of nature in a modern world. His works are based in the dichotomy between the structural and the organic. Daniel Ryan works diligently, observing majestic creatures and landscapes and taking a personal vow to raise awareness and advocate for preservation through his work. Remember there is NO SALES TAX when you purchase outside of Colorado. Ask about free shipping! We SHIP WORLDWIDE and offer Layaway for Daniel Ryan ... (more)
() As a native of the West, Kyle Sims' love of the vast landscapes and the array of animals inhabiting them came naturally. Early exposure to wildlife has made Sims feel at home in the wild among the many creatures such as elk, bison, deer, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, and moose. Kyle Sims captures the essence of all that nature offers to him to tell a story through his canvases. Kyle Sims paints to visually relive the experiences he has had in the wild. Kyle Sims says, "...being in close contact with creatures other than human is very exciting and emotionally stimulating. I have to relay that onto canvas so as to share it with others. Some of the animals can be very aggressive and unpredictable. Other animals can be extremely social, much like humans, causing my curiosity to grow. That is why I paint what I paint." Remember there is NO SALES TAX when you purchas ... (more)

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