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Mackenzie Thorpe Artist


Mackenzie Thorpe Fine Art
Limited Edition Parian Sculpture
195 Edition | Size: 10.25" x 31" x 8.25"
Sold Out! Last One Available!

This piece is sold out from the publisher! Last one remaining, please inquire.

A.pos.tle (noun) A Band of Brothers

This is a Cast Parian Sculpture.
ORIGIN OLD ENGLISH apostle from the Greek apastolos 'a messenger'
A passionate adherent; a strong supporter, champion
One who pioneers an important cause, belief or reform movement
An early ardent supporter of a cause or reform 'an apostle of revolution'
Each of the 12 chief disciples of Jesus Christ

Mackenzie Thorpe's artwork is primarily rooted in his own, well documented life experiences. The titles, subject matter, and sheer emotional honesty of his work reveal a rich breadth of experience, most of which are rooted in a solid, yet at timing unforgiving, childhood in a working class town in the north east of England.
Raised in a strongly catholic family, Mackenzie's upbringing was infused with a rich biblical education, which inevitably influences and inspires him both as a man and an artist. Today, he does not follow or adhere to the teachings of any specific religion, he does however follow a spiritual path based on compassion and respect and the importance of love. While the title ĎApostles' immediately brings to mind obvious religious connotations, the piece is only very loosely inspired from the symbolic image Apostles conjures up. Essentially hand selected messengers the Apostles, as any group, hosts all of life. The sharing of laughter, truth, humor, conversation, friendship, struggle, love and of course betrayal is ever present in any community.....and Mackenzie's sculpture reveals the inner dynamics of this group.

This is one of the most ambitious sculptures created by Mackenzie to date....the detail and gesture of each figure has been carefully thought out to convey that kinship amongst friends. It represents the gathering of like minds and hearts. Imagine a world where everyone communes to discuss love, friendship, hope, and laughter. In this work, Mackenzie is saying just that....it is time for us all to discuss love. We all have the ability to become Apostles of a new sort, to further the lessons we have learned, in our own lives, through our family, children, and close friends. What is it in your life you would be the ardent supporter of?

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